Stanley Kuo

Director, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 

LMFT #100408


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Note: I'm a.k.a. Syhy-shiaw Kuo. My license is governed by the California Board of Behavioral Science

By looking at a caterpillar, nothing in it tells us that it's going to be a butterfly. Sometimes it's also hard to imagine that our life transforming is possible, though it actually can happen. Just like the transformation of a caterpillar can occur, with patience and perseverance, in a safe and warm cocoon, our life transformation can also begin in a safe, supportive and psychotherapeutic relationship. 

Life is tough! Suffering and pain are inevitable; yet misery is optional! With your willingness as well as my passion and professional training, we can work together to make each setback in your life to become a setup for growth and transformation. 

As an overseas-born Asian American, I'm familiar with both cultures and fluent in English and Chinese. I was an engineer and manager at AT&T Bell Labs and Apple Inc. for 20+ years. My wife and I have raised three adult children. I fully understand the challenges that people are facing in this fast paced, stressful and polarized modern society.

I have been actively involved in church and community caring ministries, serving as a lay counselor and leader in children, youth and family ministries as well as in a Boy Scout troop. In addition, my wife and I founded and operate a preschool, where I serve as the school counselor helping students and parents to build strong and loving family relationships.

I received my Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, and my MA in Marriage and Family Therapy from Western Seminary. I'm also certified with a few reputed therapeutic modalities whose clinical effectiveness is validated via evidence-based research. 

Credentiality is important, yet love is essential. I prayerfully hope that I can make a difference in people's lives by genuinely caring and supporting them while they go through peaks and valleys in their life journey.

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毛毛蟲變蝴蝶,是個看似自然,卻又神奇而不可思議的變化!沒見過這樣奇妙蛻變的人,絕對不能置信 ,那麼醜陋,人見人嫌的毛毛蟲,怎能變成五彩繽紛,輕盈曼妙的蝴蝶呢?人生是艱困的!苦難和傷痛似乎在所難免。然而,人生的轉化,正如毛毛蟲一般,只要給予足夠的支持,耐心,和毅力,奇妙的改變,就會發生!只要你願意,我會竭誠地,用我的熱忱和專業技能,在一個安全而溫馨的氛圍中,陪你走過生命的低谷,讓每個危機,成為你成長的轉機,就如毛毛蟲變蝴蝶,那樣奇妙的驚喜!

我畢業於國立台灣大學土木工程學系畢業,並從新澤西州立大學,取得電機工程博士學位。之後我曾任職工程師和研發部經理,在AT&T的貝爾實驗室,和蘋果電腦公司,服務超過20年。在我的職業生涯,婚姻生活和養育三個兒子的苦與樂中,我學習到了許多寶貴的人生功課。同時我也發現我對服務人群,越來越有熱忱!經過許多的思考和探索後,我轉換了人生的跑道。 進入Western Seminary 取得家庭婚姻治療的碩士學位,並成為領有加州執照的心理治療師。諮詢的內容涵蓋,職業生涯規劃,個人,家庭和婚姻方面的需要等。


雖然專業的資歷很重要,但 “真誠的關注” 是更不能少的!我深切地祈盼,我可以藉著專業的知識,不斷的鼓勵和神的恩典,陪伴有需要的人,走過人生中的高山和低谷,讓他們的生命繽紛絢爛,正如彩蝶一般!