Lisa Jiang

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 

LMFT #135804


Area of Focus





Life is a journey. Inevitably there are highs and lows. If you are hurting and seeking breakthroughs, you don’t have to do it alone. We can walk together as “Fellow Travelers”. I can meet you where you are and try to see the world as you see it. I believe that ultimately, you have the wisdom, the power and the strength to bring about the changes you need, because change is your work and your choices. Along the way, I will help you set the stage, in some instances empty it, explore what stands in the way, remove the obstacles to growth, discover with you all the options and possibilities for change. In the safe space where we work together, amazing healing and personal growth can happen.

I worked as an engineer and a manager in the high-tech industry for about 20 years in the US. I have been married for over 30 years with two kids. As a first-generation immigrant as well as a full-time working mother, I had experienced raising both a son and a daughter in a totally different culture with the one I came from. Over the last ten years, my passion for serving people has grown substantially. I have been actively involved in church and community caring ministries, serving as a lay counselor in youth, marriage and family ministries as well as in school PTA and a Girl Scout troop. In 2017, after much prayer, I changed the path of my life to study full time. I graduated with an MA in Counseling Psychology in 2019 from Western Seminary.  I have become a licensed psychotherapist to serve people in the areas of family, marriage, and career development in 2022. 

I prayerfully hope that both of my decades of real life experience and the knowledge gained from my graduate study and clinical practice will better serve you and make a difference in your life. We are going to be in this together as “Fellow Travelers” through the peaks and valleys of life.


我于1988年从清华大学自动化系毕业,并于1998年,从伊利诺伊大学芝加哥分校取得计算机硕士学位。我曾经在高科技行業工作超过20年,分别任職工程師和研发部门經理。我結婚逾30年,育有一儿一女。作為第一代移民和一名全職工作的妈妈,养育儿女对我来说是一个不断挑战自我的过程,在陪伴孩子们成长的过程中经历并了解与我的童年完全不同的文化与环境。这些年来,我在婚姻关系,教养孩子,和事业的发展方面犯过很多的错误, 得到过很多的帮助,并且学到很多宝贵的人生功课。在過去十年中,我服務人群的熱忱大大增加。我積極參與教會和社區关怀事工,擔任青少年,婚姻和家庭事工以及學校PTA和女童子軍的非專業顧問。

經過许多的思考,探索以及禱告,2017年初我停下全职的工作,進入Western Seminary 取得家庭婚姻治療的碩士學位,並成為領有加州執照的心理治療師。咨询的内容包括职业生涯规划,个人,家庭和婚姻方面的需要等。